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BCA‘s conscientious drivers are required to obtain Security clearance from the Transportation Security Administration.  To obtain this, our drivers must pass background checks administered by the FBI.  Once they have been cleared, they are fingerprinted and receive certification.  Accordingly, this serves as a Determination of No Security Threat under 49 C.F.R. 1572.15 (d) (1)

BCA drivers also attend regular safety meetings and are advised continually of our zero tolerance policy for safety.  BCA drivers are tested at random for drug and alcohol abuse.  Operating safely is our continual goal. BCA takes pride in maintaining the DOT’s highest rating,                   DOT # 1025855 and MC # 432888. Drivers are trained in accordance with OSHA and DOT standards as well as BCA’s own safety training course.  Which include the following:

  • Hazardous Waste Operations initial training per 29 CFR 1910.120 RCRA Contingency Plan Training.
  • 10 hours successful completion of training in Hazardous Materials Regulations, training requirements, hazmat terminology, hazard classification, The hazmat table, performance-oriented packaging, package selections, labeling, marketing, placarding, shipping papers, emergency response information, hazmat incidents, loading and storage, modal-specific requirements.  
  • 10 hours successful completion of training in  Comprehensive Safety Analysis(CSA), Carrier profile & MCS-150, safety measurement system, roles & responsibilities, inspection process, results of inspections, fines & Penalties, inspection statistics, scoring basics, interventions, intervention statistics, comprehensive safety information, unsafe driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, drugs and alcohol, vehicle maintenance, cargo related, crash indicator, violations.
  • Certificate of entry level training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503, Driver Qualification, Hours of Service, Driver Wellness, Whistle Blower Protection.
  • TWIC Transportation identification Credential
  • 1 week on job training (job specific) covers loading. Un-loading, securing loads, contact people, contingency plan, proper PPE for each job.
  • 8hrs Safety training for BP Plant.

BCA has authorities and permits that allow for service in OH, MI, KY, TN, IN, IL, AR and TX.

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